Wednesday, January 14, 2009

now i got...

got my neo (second car) when i started working. need to get a car since my class and office hour time. (pegi balik kerja/kelas).

i couldnt decide to take either neo or myvi se.

then i listed down this:

neo rim 16", myvi se 15" (or was it 14?) so, cornering dah bes dah kat neo
2. neo lowered, myvi cam biasa. cornering bes lagi...
3. looks, neo way much better than boxy myvi...
4. neo 1.6, myvi 1.
3, i like speed! Cheesy
5. myvi dah bersepah kat jalanan, i want to be the minoriteeeyyy...

bila dah beli neo, i thought my friends was gonna whoaaa, neo sioott!
but ended up, they questioned me, why do u buy neo? small back seat, 2 doors, bla bla bla.

later u got married, u have children, how are they gonna fit in?

which i answered, hell, i'm 20yo man. its not like i'm gonna get married any time sooner (i think). and even if i get married, its not like after my wife give birth, my baby straight away cant fit in rite? keluar2 dari perot dah besar ke? ahah.

neo won the debate