Saturday, March 14, 2009

sometimes people can be bitchy

im up to date, and im more advance. im smiling its not mean i cant make you say 'fuck you' to me! we're talking like a bestfriend is not mean im not talking a bad thing of you at your back! i do care of your action for a day is not mean im not gonna think horny thing of you! if ive text or call you for a flirt at a day, its not mean im tell the sweet words is true! i have a great jobs that is not mean i am a good guy to be chill with you. im smart studying for whatever higher level is not mean im always think positive to be your good advicer. probably im just act like a nerd, smiley, sweet talker, funny face, huha huha laughing, straight but the truth is im a backstabber guy.. maybe someday you'll said "pukimak ah sial perangai kau ni apehal la?!!." who knows?!. but its not change anything sia, i'll make my own money. and many people change their mind everyday, mostly la! so whatever you said im just smiling hehe,. i make a promise for a many times but im not mean it! so here we can know waahh what a good handsome guy is him haha.. its not me to lepak together with 7-8 gang what the bangang idea at shopping complex with money come from family, haha stupid! be more matured la, acting like you're social 'fuck off!',party whatsoever.. heh keep the 'wansuay' life bro. im always said 'sumpah' but im still a liar! lie more lie lie and lie, because its like a routine.. it just a word, everybody can sebut what!. but its not mean anything. its not cool to tell a bad thing of self! bajet take an attention 'poyo konon cerite keburukan diri konon, biar ah aku suke org tau pasal aku' i crap a lot sehh talk cock, mencarut best haha. peduli ape aku, space aku! heeehehe, im not begging people to give me money to eat, aku keje gaji banyak peduli ape haha.. i do talk without think what happens next, so gadoh la mesti heeh, everyday is cumpulsory haha celupar mulut aku. im professional on my work but im not professional in communication! coz im not matured on my age, everyday im facing with stupid customer its not mean they are not envy me, i make a thousand for a minutes face with a stupid customer think like just have a small brain but im still smile when im talking because im always cute! hahaha, so heran tak heran la ehh!..